Get a change of address kit from Australia Post. Have a list of all the people, businesses and organisations that should be notified of your move, including:

Family and Friends

Utility Companies





Mobile Phone Provider


Insurance Agency

Banks and Financial Institutions

Doctors, Dentist and Veterinarian

Lawyers, Broker and Accountant



Government Offices

Ensure you have copies of any legal, school, doctors, vet and financial records you have.

Decide exactly what you are taking with you to your new home, and plan how you’re going to offload the items that you don’t wish to keep. Options include giving them away to charity, selling them on E-Bay and holding a good old fashioned garage sale.

Book your removalist: (Very important: Do not forget to book Good2Go Removals for your move.)

Start the process of packing, starting with the items that you rarely use such as collectables, etc.
– Back up your computer files on a DVD or a portable hard drive.

Take a look around the house- Start to think about what you don’t want to take with you:
– Use up perishable foods. Remember to empty, defrost and clean your fridge and freezer.

Be there to open up the new home for the moving company and guide your items and boxes to the right rooms.

Ensure all of your household goods are unloaded safely and without damage.

Order a Pizza and have a glass of wine or beer as rewards for your hard work.