Specialty Items

Skilled Antique Moving

Any collector knows the difficulty of safely transporting his or her antiques. If you need to move your antique furniture, you want to make sure your investment is properly cared for. At City Moving & Delivery Services, we’ll use our over 30 years of experience to protect it and get it to your home without damage.

Old items are often fragile, and it can be a hassle to move them without help. Also, heavy and fragile antiques need to be handled appropriately to prevent damage during the move. Rest assured our licensed and fully insured team has it all covered!

Art Moving

We have an on-site crating department to construct specially-sized boxes for your fragile items if needed. A custom crate for your high-value item will ensure its safe transport. Our crew of professionals have the training and ongoing experience to handle these fragile, sensitive items with ease. Our full fleet of equipment including air ride trailers helps to ensure that your valuables will be shipped on-time and securely. Should you need to store any of your fine art or antiques for any length of time, we have a spacious, climate-controlled warehouse.

Trade Exhibition

For what they’re worth, trades shows and exhibitions can prove to be brilliant ways to promote individual business as well as collective trade. Moreover, they play a pivotal role in helping businesses; meet with other players of the industry which fosters the process of learning. A trade show is essentially an event meant to exhibit the goods and services belonging to a specific industry to the potential buyers and businesses. Exhibitions are also similar in nature, with the only difference being that they are open for general public as well.

Trade shows and exhibitions can be an excellent way to promote a business and the products and services that it offers. They are also a great way to network with other industry members and grow the customer base exponentially. In addition, trade shows have certain other aspects which are quite promising. We’ve discussed the most significant of them here under.

Corporate Events

To be successful, all corporate events – including sales conferences, customer meetings, awards shows and product launches – need to make an emotional connection, whether with employees, clients or prospects. That connection only comes with careful consideration of the event concept, design flow, venue and attendee journey.